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Our Christmas Tree Buying Guide

There are often questions when you come to buy a real Christmas tree for the season.

In this buying guide, we have compiled a few of the more common questions people ask us when buying a real Christmas tree.
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Where are you located?2021-10-01T09:50:14+01:00

Santa’s Fields is now  located at 3 locations: We have 1) Evergreen Acres Farm, Oldwich Lane West, Chadwick End, Solihull, B93 0BJ open 7 days a week (until 7 pm on weekdays!), 2) Steve’s Christmas Trees, 30 Blue Lake Road, Dorridge, Solihull, B93 8BJ open weekends only & new this year 3) Santa’s Fields, Fir Tree Farm, Goonlaze, St Agnes, Cornwall, TR5 0RB (open 7 days a week).

What size trees do you sell?2021-10-01T09:56:56+01:00

We are open from Wednesday 24th November 2021 through until around the 19th December. We sell the finest, freshest Christmas trees in the land! Our tree sizes range from 3 ft to 20 ft in height. We also have a variety of trees available including Norway Spruce, Colorado Blue Spruce, Fraser Fir & Nordmann Fir.

Do Santa’s Fields Christmas Trees sell wholesale Christmas Trees?2020-08-12T16:06:52+01:00

No, we do not sell trees wholesale.

When do you sell Christmas Trees?2020-07-06T15:10:46+01:00

We sell Christmas Trees all year round. The only time that we are unable to deliver any Christmas Trees are between May and July – This is the growing season for our Christmas Trees and they are not ready for delivery. 

How wide will the girth of my Christmas Tree be at the widest point?2020-07-06T15:11:37+01:00

Christmas Trees are a natural product and all trees will grow in different ways. As a general rule, we estimate that the Girth of a Christmas Tree will be between about a 1/3 and 1/2 of the height. E.g. a 10ft Christmas Tree will have a Girth of between 3.5ft and 5ft at its widest point.

Can you use Christmas Tree stands outdoors?2020-09-22T19:30:34+01:00

Generally Christmas Tree Stands are designed for Indoor use and we do not recommend using them for Outdoor Use. However we do sell large outdoor stands, but we recommend wherever possible that outdoor trees are best put into a drain pipe which has been concreted into the ground to create a socket for the tree base to go into. 

When should I purchase my Christmas Tree?2020-07-06T15:12:42+01:00

We would recommend ordering your tree as soon as possible – this is certainly the case for large trees of 15ft in height as we need to plan these into our delivery schedules.

When should I take delivery of my Christmas Tree?2021-10-01T09:54:23+01:00

The answer to this question depends on whether the tree is being used Indoors or Outdoors. If the tree is to be used Outdoors, you can take deliver at the start of November and the trees will be fine until after Christmas.

If the trees are to be used Indoors, we would suggest that a Spruce will last for approximately 3 weeks, whilst Nordmann & Fraser Fir (Low needle drop trees) will last a little longer and generally last over a month if looked after correctly. With both types of tree, it is important that they are kept away from Heat Sources and kept well watered at all times in order to maximise their life expectancy. 

Where should I keep my Christmas Tree indoors?2020-09-22T19:26:54+01:00

Christmas Trees should be kept in a cool place and away from any Heat Source e.g. Underfloor heating, radiators and fires etc. Trees should also be kept well watered. Did you know that an average Christmas Tree can drink as much as 3.79 litres of water per day!

Should I trim the base of my Christmas Tree?2020-09-22T19:25:39+01:00

After a Christmas Tree is cut down, the Christmas Tree will naturally form a layer of sap to seal their cut surface – This can prevent water absorption. If you remove approximately 1/2 inch from the base, this will assist the Christmas Tree. We do this at the time of purchase prior to delivery, so it is ready for you to put straight into water. If you are storing your tree for a few days before putting it in water, then we recommend you take 1/2 inch from the base.

I have just opened my Christmas Tree and the needles are brown at the bottom of the tree and there are loose needles. Is this normal? 2020-09-22T19:24:08+01:00

This is normal with Spruce trees and occasional with Nordmann & Fraser Firs. When a Christmas tree is wrapped up by us, you will be looking at the underneath of the needles. These needles have never received any sunlight, hence the reason why the needles are brown.  Once you unwrap your Christmas Tree you will see that that needles are Green. All of our Christmas trees growing in our field look exactly the same as this.

Occasionally when you unwrap your Christmas Tree, you will find loose needles – again this is normal as Christmas Trees will lose a few needles in the netting and harvesting process.

If, however, you find that your Christmas Tree is dropping needles excessively in the first few days of receipt, this may indicate that your Christmas Tree is too dry and will need to be watered and moved away from any heat source.

How are your Christmas Trees measured?2020-08-12T15:57:37+01:00

Our Christmas Trees are measured from the base of the tree up to the top of the Christmas Tree. We generally give a bit extra, so for example if you order a 6 ft tree, it will measure between 6 and 7 ft.


How are your Christmas Trees delivered?2020-08-12T15:55:12+01:00

All Christmas Trees within the local area are delivered by us on our own specialist delivery trucks. If you are outside of our  delivery area, then the tree will be delivered by our third party Courier service – DX.

Will you install our Christmas Tree when you deliver it?2020-08-12T15:52:37+01:00

Unless we have quoted otherwise, all prices are for kerb-side delivery only. We will not install Christmas Trees in stands unless the service has been requested and paid for. Please contact us if you require us to install the tree.

Can you guarantee delivery of my Christmas Tree on our chosen date?2020-07-06T15:28:39+01:00

We cannot guarantee delivery on a chosen date, but we do make every effort to deliver your tree by the date required. If there is likely to be a problem with us delivering your Christmas Tree to you on your Chosen date, we will contact you in order to notify you of any issue.

What happens if we are not in when the delivery is going to be made?2020-07-06T15:28:59+01:00

All of our delivery teams should contact you in the event that you are not in to take delivery and they should ask you where you want your Christmas Tree to be left. All of our delivery teams are instructed to leave your Christmas Tree in a safe place e.g side of house or on your drive.

How are Christmas Tree lights, decorations and other accessories delivered?2020-08-12T15:49:43+01:00

Christmas Tree lights and decorations are not currently being sold on our website, so you would have to purchase and collect them from our Christmas Tree Farm Shop. Stands are generally delivered with your tree.


We carefully select and package our products and hope that you will happy with your purchase. There may be times, however, when you feel you will need to return items to us

If you are unhappy with any product you may return it – unused, unopened and in its original packaging – within fourteen days for a full refund. This amount excludes all delivery costs. This does not apply to perishable items E.g. Santa’s Fields Christmas Trees. The cancellation right under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 does not apply to plants.

Please note that we are unable to issue refunds for Santa’s Fields Christmas Trees, unless damaged, as they are perishable items and are cut to order. If a Christmas Tree is damaged, we will endeavour to replace the Christmas Tree free of charge within three working days.  We cannot issue refunds for decorations or other items that show evidence of having been used or on custom made products unless they are faulty.

If you send a product back for an exchange, we will charge you for shipping the new product back to you. Return shipping costs can only be refunded where we have sent the wrong or faulty goods in error.

What to do if you have received defective goods (excluding Santa’s Fields Christmas Trees):

If the goods are damaged upon receipt, please contact us on 01564 770560 or within fourteen days of delivery. If your item is a damaged Christmas tree, then you must contact us immediately upon receipt due to this being a seasonal and perishable item. We will endeavour to respond to you within 48 hours.

We aim to replace any defective items with replacements. If this is not possible we shall issue a refund. Exchanged items will only be sent after we have received the defective item back from you in its original packaging.

The address for returns is below.

Returns Instructions:

For all returning goods, please include a cover note, explaining what action you would like us to take, as well as your name, address, order number, and original proof of purchase. Make sure that the goods are packaged safely and securely, using the original packaging if possible, and that you use a signed service with adequate insurance to cover the cost of the goods being returned.

Please note that responsibility for any product returned remains with you until such time as we receive it and a member of our staff has signed for the receipt of goods. If you send a product back for an exchange, you will be charged for shipping the new product back to you.

Returns Address:

Santa’s Fields
Evergreen Acres Farm
Oldwich Lane West
Chadwick End
B93 0BJ

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