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Santa’s Fields in Chadwick End, Solihull, is the new home of Steve’s Christmas Trees which began as a hobby business in 2003. Steve’s Christmas Trees is based at 30 Blue Lake Road in Dorridge, but the trees have been grown at various locations around the area and including as far afield as St Agnes in Cornwall. To streamline the operation Evergreen Acres Farm was purchased in 2019 and is now the base for all things Christmas. To date around 15,500 trees have been planted at the farm and retail sales are going to start at the farm this year on Wednesday 24th November 2021.

At Santa’s Fields we will be selling Nordmann Fir (up to 15 ft), Norway Spruce (up to 20 ft), Colorado Blue Spruce (up to 8ft) and Fraser Fir (up to 8ft). All of our trees are hand selected for quality from the fields by Steve and the team. The trees are tended to throughout the year to ensure the trees are grown to the highest standard. Trees are freshly cut on a daily basis throughout the Christmas period.

We also sell a selection of water holding stands, lights and tree trimmings, Nordmann Fir / Spruce Door Wreaths, Garlands, Holly, Poinsettia and Mistletoe.

At Santa’s Fields we believe that the whole tree buying experience should be a magical, memorable part of your Christmas. There will be spectacular Christmas Lights, mulled wine, hot chocolate, our famous singing reindeer Blitzen and Frank, a large sleigh for family photos and much more.

Please check out our recent planting video, and updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages.



For those of you who can’t make it to the farm, and in light of Covid 19 we have introduced an online shop for direct delivery to your door or for swift collection purposes.

We also offer a tree collection service in January, where we come round with a lorry and wood chipper and chip all of the trees into wood chip which is then recycled and used on the farm.

Santas Fields Locations

St Agnes, Cornwall

Blue Lake Rd, Solihull

Oldwich Lane, Solihull

Every year we give away a free sapling to all our customers so you can grow your own Christmas tree at home.

Last year we gave away over 1000 saplings, this year we are aiming for more.

Throughout its 7 – 10 year life span, our fir trees will absorb approx 100kg’s of CO2.

*Our tree’s average growth is roughly 1ft per year, we sell most of our trees at between 7 to 10 years old.
**The average family car emits over 4000kg’s of CO2 a year.



Total trees
planted so far


Autumn Planting Evergreen Acres 2019, 2020 & 2021


Spring planting
Evergreen Acres 2020 &



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We plant at least 5 trees for every tree purchased, so by buying a real tree you are also helping the environment. Each acre of trees produces the daily Oxygen requirement for 18 people. In America, this translates to enough Oxygen for 18 million people!

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